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Travelling with Pets: How can I take my dog along from India to Canada/USA?
Transporting a pet by air involves a lot of prior arrangements, expense, permits and paperwork.  It is extremely stressful and dangerous for the pet.  Reconsider your decision to take your pet.If you travel by air, you must arrange in advance to have your pet travel on the same flights.  You will have to pay for transporting your pet as cargo unless it is so small that you are allowed to carry it in the aircraft cabin.  Your pet will travel AT ALL TIMES in a carrier kennel crate like this, of a size appropriate for your pet (large enough to stand and turn around): The carrier kennel crate must be acceptable to the airline -- each airline has its own standards.  Pets in carriers travel as baggage in the hold of the aircraft, and are exposed to high heat on the parking ramp and in baggage handling areas of the airport.  Most airlines refuse liability for heat threats to your pet, and many restrict carriage of pets to cool seasons.  Plan to travel with (or put on/in the carrier crate) your dog's leash, a bowl for water/food, plastic bags (and probably absorbent diapers for wet cleanups) to dispose of wastes, and perhaps some canned food.  Any unpackaged food or treat is forbidden.  The pet should wear a collar with ID tag and contact telephone numbers.The US Centers for Disease and Prevention (CDC) regulates importation of pets into the USA.  The US Department of Agriculture's Animal & Plant Health Inspection Service (APHIS) also has regulations to protect US agriculture.A general introduction to pet importation, from US Customs & Border Protection:'s web page on bringing dogs into the USA: Animal ImportationAPHIS' web page on importing cats and dogs into the USA: Animal ImportationGet your pet vaccinated against rabies about a month before travel.Get your pet carefully examined for good health in all respects, and treated to be rid of all parasites.  Get a certificate, examination form or letter from a trained, credentialed veterinarian that will attest that your pet is in good health and free from parasites and disease.Get your pet washed/shampooed and nails trimmed a day or so before departure.Your pet will be inspected at the US port of entry, and might not be allowed to enter the USA.It may be very useful to book your travel as separate individual segments with sufficient layover time that you can feed, water and walk your pet and then check it in for the next segment.  This may require you to have an entry visa for each stopping place.Helpful links:Animal ImportationBringing A Pet Into the U.S.
How is it to travel with a dog all-over the world?
i traveled the world with as many as five dogs at a time. You do it by getting whatever health documents the destination requires, booking the critters as either excess luggage or (actually better and safer) sending them separately as air cargo.I never had a dog small enough to carry on board, but did that with a cat (to his dismay) more than once. And never had a dog lost, hurt, or even much inconvenienced by the process, however far the flights, including transit overnights.Mabel sighs, “Here we go again.”
Are Russian claims of military parity or even superiority founded?
Take Eastern claims with huge grains of salt. The Russians said they possessed plasma stealth which not only superceded American stealth designs but was so modular it could be fielded to their entire fleet of flankers and MiGs, we can clearly see the authenticity of their statements right? No, that technology never existed.The Chinese claimed to have terahertz anti stealth radar or in laymen’s terms: an IR flashlight paired with an IRST which is rediculously stupid considering the IR output from a jet is orders of magnitude more that can be obtained from the reflection of even powerful IR beam originating from dozens of noy hundreds of kilometers away.The Russians said their Kontact 5 on the T90 gave it equal protection to western tanks, when the Cold War ended NATO got its hands on a few T90s and tested their guns and armor, it penetrates the Leopard 2 armor but not the Abrams or the Challenger 2s, not even at point blank range, the Abrams on the other hand could still penetrate the base armor + kontact 5 at 1000m and this was before special anti-ERA penetrators like the M829A3 and M829A4 came out.The T72’s performance in desert storm was down to export model and crew incompetence according to our eastern friends, the Chechens made videos of them arguing who got to destroy the next Russian T72 in an ambushed column. No rooftop to fire into deck armor and no rear aspect shots, just a couple RPG7s using the baseline PG-7V rocket lobbed into the sides.The Iranian MBT is a T72 tank fitted with some other tech stripped from other tanks like the M48 Patton and additional angular plates of metal welded on to give a futuristic look, it’s a literal PR tank. Wtf do they need a sleeve for their gun for?The latest Kinzhal missile is supposedly impervious to NATO defenses and yet these claims ignore basic physics. in their own depictions the missile needs a braking maneuver to slow itself down because they can’t fit a radar seeker powerful enough to penetrate its own plasma layer generated by Mach 10 speeds through exponentially thickening atmosphere.this prolongs the engagement and slows the missile down considerably making it easier to shoot down.Their claim to fame is developing the world’s most capable airborne PESA radars which is true…because the west switched to AESAs decades ago and their most powerful AESAs outperform their PESAs. They are still trying to integrate AESAs into their aircraft fleet while simultaneously delaying their own 5th gen fighter program due to delays in engine development.Their most powerful naval assets are their submarines, the tragic Kursk incident of 2021 created from the Russians lacking the ability to rescue their own submarine crews right underneath their northern fleet. In 2021 they lost another sub. This time the crew was rescued…by the British and Americans who sent their own DSRVs to assist.Their new “next generation” T14 looks impressive but actual tankers have pointed out numerous issues. Even now their guns have stabilization issues and despite supposedly not being a massively expensive machine to produce compared to the T90 the Russians cut their order to just 100 by 2021 by which time the entire fleet of M1A2s will be upgraded to SEPv3 standard and begin upgrades to SEPv4 standard.In Yugoslavia the supposed deadly SA6 and hundreds of SHORADs including the SA8 launched hundreds of missiles and shot down 2 aircraft even after realizing they were flying the same path repeatedly and intercepting NATO communications on numerous accounts.Some of their statements have validity but be sure to fact check every supposed advantage since most of it can be debunked rather quickly.
How can I get people to fill out my travel survey for a marketing research project?
(Disclaimer: I work for a market research company called Marketest)If you want to find out what your potential customers think of your business idea (and if they would be willing to pay for it) then you would use quantitative research.You can reach out your audience with us within 10 days (or less, it depends on the specificity of your project). Prices depend on the no. of questions and no. of respondents, but we offer the cheapest prices because we primarily works with start-uppers, entrepreneurs, small business owners, PhD researchers and students.If it is of your interest, feel free to drop me an email at or take a free quote with us.Hope to be helpful :)
Can one travel out of Turkey with a tourist residential permit to Europe or the USA?
Yes, of course…For normal passports you need to take visa for Europa from embassy of one of the europian countries and for USA from embassy of Usa.It s not always possible to get visa…For some other kind of special passports you don t need visa for schengen Europe countries but u always need visa for every kind of passports for Usa…
How can I travel to Nigeria with my dog?
In a canoe
Can I take my dog with me to India? I am from the USA and will be traveling to India on a tourist visa. Is there a way I can take my dog with me?
I am not sure if you can bring your dog to India or not on a tourist visa but even if you can, i will suggest you not to. Because in India, most places are not dog friendly. You can not take your dog inside malls, restaurants or any tourist places. Although I have never faced problems while travelling with a dog in taxis but you certainly cannot travel with a dog in public transports like buses or metros.
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