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Instructions and Help about Country of export on 7501

We've already taking a look at a small country export tax where we identified the goals of reducing the domestic price and the potential interest of government earning revenue and noted the downsides of hurting domestic producers who could otherwise export profitably to the international market but there are other motivations for a large country which are quite distinct from the effects of the small country case most importantly a large contributor can restrict the amount of exports that go into the international market forcing the International price up so there's a possibility that an export taxed could actually be beneficial to a domestic economy mainly because of taking advantage of its market power in global markets this is very similar in general effects but the big difference is that you have a difference of effect on the world price so we're gonna imagine a thing exactly the same policy as for the small country again for concreteness let's say the world price is a hundred we put a tax on of of ten dollars so initially the domestic price and the amount that domestic producers get from selling abroad Falls by ten dollars that is the the export tax but has a large country this has an impact on the international market the reduction in the exports of this product will result in a significant fall in the supply of this product on international markets that's going to affect the international markets that's going to raise the price in the in the world economy and that we're going to depict by p1 now how much p1 increases depends depends on the supply and demand elasticity's of this product in the international market all I know is that the world price will rise now what is the price that domestic consumers and producers finally receive whatever the world price is you're going to reduce what domestic firms receive by the by that that same tax rate so we now have the new domestic price equal to P one minus T so you'll notice that the domestic price doesn't rise quite as much as for the as in the in the small country case now the effects on consumer producer surplus are going to depend on whether or how we're going to compare this between the prices in the original situation before the tax and the domestic price after the tax has been imposed and all of the international consequences have have settled out so we're going to be looking at the difference for consumers oh I should say first that we have a difference different level of consumption and a different level of production associated with this final price domestic consumption rises to q3 domestic production Falls to q4 so we're going to take a look at the consumer and producer surplus well this is quite similar to what we've done before consumers gain they gain the area defined by the difference in the price over to the demand.


How can someone purchase a car or get a lease on a car to export out of the country with a fraud/stolen credit card?
If a person has a fraudulent financial document and "Purchases" a vehicle, they take delivery of the car that day. Upon taking delivery, they take the car, show the purchase document to the shipper, or find a shipper that isn't too worried about legality, and puts the vehicle on the boat. If the person reaches the destination with the car before the fraud is detected, then it's done. Of course, attempting to come back into the US would be fraught with danger, and it doesn't seem like it's worth the bother for a vehicle worth perhaps $40K/$50K. If the vehicle is worth more than that, you can be sure that an all cash (via check) deal would raise some eyebrows and have some additional checking done.Banks don't like it when someone steals from them, they would rather be on the other end of the transaction.
What happens to very used cars in Dubai? How would one go about exporting used cars out of Dubai to a third-world country?
There are hundreds of thousands of used cars kicking about in dubai and UAE.Of course there are opportunity to export, but unless you ship 50 at a time it makes no financial sense. Import duty, shipping and handling fees will kill any profit you makeCar Trading in UAE made easy
How can I download my Quora content?
I’ve created a Chrome extension and web service called Free Your Stuff that lets you download your own contributions to supported websites (as of this writing, Yelp, IMDB, TripAdvisor, Amazon.com, Goodreads and Quora). It’s grabbing all your Quora answers and lets you download them as a JSON file, or publish them to the freeyourstuff web service under the CC-0 license. All content published this way is also backed up by volunteer-run mirrors.This is an example • it’s all my Quora answers (except this one).Note that it gets rid of Quora-specific CSS and metadata like upvotes. It also converts the Quora timestamps (“5h ago” etc.) into ISO dates.It’s still in beta, please report a bug if it doesn’t work for you! And if it’s useful, the best way to pay it forward is to share your answers with the world under a free license.To the Quora folks: This only lets you download your own answers, it’s not a tool for scraping Quora! I’d love to use an official API for this, the closest I’ve found is the RSS feed, but it’s limited in the time period it covers. Many sites offer content exports for this purpose, e.g. a CSV download. If/when Quora offers such a facility, I would be pleased to be the first person to use it. If you have any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to reach out!
Is it necessary to fill details in GST on the export of services?
YesEven if you are providing export of services (which are zero rated) you need to fill details in table 3(a) of GSTR-3B and file returns every monthThis will help you inAvoiding late fee which is 40 rupees per day per return. You can calculate the late fee your selfIf you don’t file, dept may issue notices which involve considerable paper workMost importantly, you can take refund of accumulated ITC, which will be added incentiveYour GST returns will act as source of information about your company. Easy get loans etc from banksHence My advice: file GST returns every month
Import/Export: Do you have to fill out a customs form every time you ship a product from the USA to the rest of the world?
Somebody has to fill out a customs form every time a product is imported into a country for commercial use. It can be the seller or the buyer but even if the import is duty-free there will be a form to complete. I'm sure there are automated solutions so a form doesn't have to be completed manually but the cost may not justify the benefit.
Is there a map creator out there that will allow me to colour/fill in regions/states/provinces of countries rather than only the whole country itself?
There are a few blank maps on Wikipedia (both as SVG and PNG) that include subdivisions, such as:These can be shaded using graphics software such as Inkscape or GIMP (using the palette, bucket, selection and color selection tools). For example, this is how I recently created the following map, which includes the Chinese provinces and Indian states:
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