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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Bond type 8

Instructions and Help about Bond type 8

Hi this is Ray heard Lucca with bid my bail once again we're sitting in the studios of crime justice in America to talk to you today about how does posting bail work I mean realistically there are 14 million 13 to 14 million felony and misdemeanor arrests each year that's a lot right when you figure there's what 350 million people 320 million people I don't know what the number is of the people in the United States right now these are adults member these are 18 and older adults 13 to 14 million arrests felony and misdemeanor okay so there's a number of ways and we've talked about them in the past that people can get out of jail once they've been newly arrested but today's question is how does posting bail work okay now bail is bail bond is the actual bond that is put up with the jail to get that person out of jail all right but but that's the like three or four steps down the road how does posting bail on work let's start from the beginning you get the phone call somebody has been arrested that you know family friend and you want to help them out all right so the first thing you need to do is find a bail bondsman to do that now we've talked in other videos about the best way to find a bail bondsman and I'm gonna say it again bid my bail calm because he had the bondsman bid on your situation they bid their best foot forward to give you the service that you need all right so we're not going to go into that so you found the bondsman all right here's what happens you fill out the paperwork and the paperwork says folks you're gonna be responsible for that person to appear in court pretty simple you're also gonna be responsible for the feed the bondsman charges all right and that's paid upfront or a payment plan the whatever Arrangements you made with him so it's a contract it's it's a business contract okay that's what it says your response well for this person to appear in court or you're gonna pay the whole amount of the money the whole amount of amount of money the whole amount of the bail okay the entire bail bond amount she's an example ten thousand dollar bond we don't pay ten thousand dollars to the bondsman you're paid in most states just ten percent ten thousand one thousand dollars okay or you've got a payment plan worked out with them doesn't matter the guy goes to court not a problem the case is adjudicated everything is done contract is known void he doesn't go to court then you are going to be liable for that ten thousand dollars that's the purpose of this business contract but so you've signed the business contact let's go back to the actual steps you signed the business contract.

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